Version 2.5  


IMAGE2SEGY transforms raster images of  seismic records on  paper or film to geo-referenced Seg-Y files, compatible  with Kingdom-Suite, Promax, SeiSee,  and other industry standart software. Scan your old seismic paper recods or download images from Geologicals Surveys  GIS servers and put it in your project displayed with your more recent digital lines in 3D. Very simple, fast and easy . Changes in Time Delay allowed.
Only Matlab (tested on versions 7.0 and 7.4 without Toolsboxes) and SegyMat (free) software are necesary.

Matlab 7.0.1 (R14)  or newer is recomended.


Digital profiles and original analogic records

Presentación en VII Congreso Geológico de España     Geo-Temas 10, 2008 (ISSN: 1567-5172), p. 1215-1218.

Versions history:

23/NOV/2015    V.2.6.1 Better output geo-referenced and labeled graphics
10/JUL/2014    V.2.5.4 Optimized code. Now is possible to create segy without scale (one second) and navigation file from any image.

19/JAN/2012    V.2.4.1 SEGY format and UTM zone now defined in the text file. 
10/JAN/2012    V.2.3.1 option for Land profiles with datum correction and map improvements
04/APR/2011   V.2.2.8 Simplified version,  log files are not created now
11/JAN/2010    V.2.2.7 temporal file and logbook are not created now. 
01/DIC/2008    V.2.2.6 integers not necessay in text file, more info in ascci header,  Two fields with X, Y in segy file used                                   to distiguish between real position and interpolated
12/NOV/07      V.2.1.4  Minor bugs.  temp.seg now is not deleted. 
07/NOV/07      V.2.1.3  Bigger image files accepted. 
06/NOV/07      V.2.1.2 Solved errors in line 133 and 143. Faster image and map display.
05/NOV/07      V.2.1 Solved errors in the interpolation and unknown variables.
22/OCT/07      V.2 Change in the format for the text file, Horizontal Correction.
19/FEB/07      seghead.seg file not necessary from this version 
11/FEB/07      16 bits Output file instead of 32 bits of previous version.  
06/FEB/07      Checks for seghead file and permits to invert the polarity
27/NOV/06     Removed bug in color image processing.
23/NOV/06     Better memory management for big files (max: 6*10E7 pixels).
15/NOV/06     LOGBOOK creation and Trace Number Offset for multiple files of  the same line.
14/NOV/06    Complentary data to header (Survey date, Survey line) 
10/NOV/06    Version accepts Gray and  Red-White-Blue color scaled images .
15/JUN/06      First version (graf2segy)


   How to Digitize & Create the text file with coordinates & time scales

      click image to zoom + or 
  View Help file  

      YouTube Video (in french)

Attention: there are some diference in the text file for last versions, read help files for more info.
Digitize from left side of the image to the right.



SegyMAT folder must be in your the Matlab search path.
Use always the last version.
Some knowledge of how it works the  "Matlab Search Path"  is necessary.
Is recomended to put the program in  "work"  folder and Segymat in another folder. Put "work" on the top of the search folder and Segymat as second option. If you have compatibility problems with "Robust toolbox" remove it this toolbox of your search path.  

   Scanned Paper profile Profile in the Kingdom-Suite window program.

New output displays : Seismic profiles with input georeferences & time scales, and profile map.

Script to correct small timing errors in the digitized seismic profiles using Image2segy 


Image2segy version 2.61

 ZIP file includes marine & land test files as Help files



Profiles can be digitized using free digitize2 (Matlab function)  or  comercial products like MAPVIEWER (Copyright © Golden Software). I recomend you to use MAPVIEWER to check  position points from original and to display positions for interpolated points.

SEG-Y Files can be displayed with free Windows program SeiSee  (Copyright © 1997-2012, DMNG Geophysical Company), in my opinion the best free utlity for SEG-Y displaying profiles and headers that permits some manipulations on files.

M.Farran ICM-CSIC    II-2012

Creative Commons License
Program under a Creative Commons License                                                   
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 Alternatives to this software

Tif2segy           (UNIX),  needs "Seismic-unix" and "Netpbm tools",  Freeware
segywiz            (UNIX)   needs "Seismic unix" and "Netpbm tools",  Freeware
ImageToSEGY  (WINDOWS)  Commercial
SSV                (WINDOWS)  Commercial