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Last SST of the Western Mediterranean from SAIDIN system

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[ 31-12-2014 ] Barcelona World Race 2014-2015
The eight participant boats in the 2014-2015 edition of the regatta sailed from Barcelona carrying an Argo profiling float that will be simultaneously released when the last boat enters in the Indian Ocean. This way the regatta will collaborate in.... [+]

[ 22-12-2014 ] Promotional video of the MEDGIB experiment in the Gibraltar Strait on the frame of MEDESS-4MS project (see it in YouTube)
The Mediterranean occupies the 0.85% of the marine surface. However it supports 1/6 of the global marine trade and 1/3 of oil marine trade. The project MEDESS-4MS, funded by the European Union through the INTERREG MED program, was designed.... [+]

[ 21-11-2014 ] First ICE-ARC general assembly in Barcelona
ICE-ARC (Ice, Climate, Economics – Arctic Research on Change) is an EU FP7 project ( that includes our department as a partner (P. Elósegui, M. Portabella). On 19-21 November we hosted the first ICE-ARC annual.... [+]

[ 16-07-2014 ] Consolidated Research Group on Physical and Technological Oceanography
The Catalan Goverment in its 2014 call on Support to Research Groups has approved our department as Group on Physical and Technological Oceanography (responsible J.L. Pelegrí) and granted 63.000 euros with a final mark of 6.93 over 7. As Physical.... [+]

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