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Last SST of the Western Mediterranean from SAIDIN system

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[ 13-03-2015 ] Oceanography: a key to better understand our world
From next April 20th a Massive Open Online Course on oceanography can be followed on the Instructure Canvas platform. Two DOFT members (J. Font, J. Salat) participate as instructors. The Barcelona World Race Ocean Campus has organised five MOOCs.... [+]

[ 05-03-2015 ] We are going to study the strongest frontal region in the ocean: the Brazil-Malvines Confluence
From 5 to 30 March, the researchers from our department will participate in the TIC-MOC cruise, to be carried out with the research vessel Hespérides in the frame of the project Tipping Corners of the Meridional Overturning Circulation, financed by.... [+]

[ 19-01-2015 ] Barcelona Ocean training courses start
The Barcelona Ocean postgraduate courses initiave (, originated in our department, has started its activities. A first course by J.L. Pelegrí on Scientific Writing takes place on January 19-23 with 12 students.... [+]

[ 31-12-2014 ] Barcelona World Race 2014-2015
The eight participant boats in the 2014-2015 edition of the regatta sailed from Barcelona carrying an Argo profiling float that will be simultaneously released when the last boat enters in the Indian Ocean. This way the regatta will collaborate in.... [+]

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